Catholic College of Mandeville

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Admission and CCM Codes

Academic Qualifications

Each course of study will have its individual academic requirement. The general entry requirement to the College includes:

To be admitted to the College an applicant must file an application form, submit two letters of recommendation, and have a personal interview with the Interview Panel. Other items are stated on the application form.

To qualify for acceptance requires five CXC level subjects 1, 2, 3 or five GCE subjects at grade A, B, C, or any combination of the two. CXC English and Mathematics are required.

All students are required to undergo an assessment in English (comprehension and composition) and Mathematics.

Equivalency to or exemption from the above is determined by an interview and /or written test administered by the Admissions Officer. Documentation of equivalency will be placed in the student's file. Pre-requisites may accompany programmes.

Applicants who are admitted to the College are notified in writing of their acceptance and assisted in course selection at Registration.


Each student is expected to behave in a mature and respectful manner at all times. In-disciplined and scandalous behaviour can result in dismissal from the College. This includes the use of inappropriate/vulgar language, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages and smoking on the CCM campus. Loitering around the campus after class hours is not allowed.

Respect and care for CCM property, including the grounds, is promoted through the recognition of earth as God's creation and gift to us. Concern for the environment will be encouraged at all times.

Dress Code

Students should be dressed and groomed appropriately at all times.

Day students are required to wear the CCM uniform. Evening students are not required to wear the CCM uniform.

Details of the uniform are available from the College office. The uniform material can be purchased at the College or elsewhere using a sample of material to ensure the correct colour. The pattern must be followed exactly.

CCM ties, scarves, badges are on sale at the College office. These could be required for special functions.

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