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Mission, Goals and Objectives of Catholic College of Mandeville


The Mission of the Catholic College of Mandeville is to offer quality tertiary education to adults at an affordable cost, and in a format convenient to their social/family responsibilities & initial academic standard.

Promoting the education of Pre-trained teachers, while they continue in their teaching positions in the school, is a focus within the overall Mission of the College.

While maintaining an emphasis on Teacher Education, the College may introduce and develop programmes, including full-time day programmes, identified by current needs analyses.

Since there is a persistent demand for quality education involving strong moral/ethical principles, civic pride and loyalty to family and country, the College will present all courses within a social, moral, Christian, ethical environment.


To develop a Christian community rooted in the Gospel message and respect the beliefs of others.

To educate the students, hence teachers, towards high standards of moral and ethical behaviour.

To provide and encourage an atmosphere of justice and peace through mutual respect of all people and of our earth.

To maintain excellence in education through the encouragement of initiatives, creativity and inquiry.

In keeping with the times, to advance technologically in all departments of the College.

To educate towards a global and universal awareness of the world today.


To develop the programme in an expanded facility and peaceful atmosphere conducive to learning and the pursuit of excellence.

Along with the required areas of study, to offer courses / seminars / workshops in philosophy, social ethics, and theology. While these subjects serve for personal enrichment, they are very much needed to develop an understanding of today's world.

To require lecturers to review the course syllabi regularly, and inculcate the content and methodology in keeping with the goals of the programme.

To review and maintain methods of assessment which encourage striving after a high standard of achievement, and perseverance in the completion of the programme.

To periodically study and revise qualifications for entry to and graduation from the programme.

To equip the college with the technology for enhancing and supporting sound methodology.

To ensure accessibility of the necessary resources for the conduction of research as required by the programme.

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